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this saturday, March 12th, Rockette's our having their home show here at the high school. It's 5 bucks if you're a student here to enter, 7 if you are not. We perform sometime between 5 and 6, i'll update for the exact time. You don't have to stay for the entire thing, just for our performance, we need support in the stands and all the money we make will help us make it to championships in Wildwood in May.

also, if you do decide to stay, a lot of other good guards will be performing after us, it should be entertaining.

those of you who are unaware, we got first place again this weekend, scoring 10 points higher then the 2nd place team, and we were bumped up to a higher class.

so i promise, if you come to see us perform, we will give you a good show because we work our asses off to get to where we are now. bring your friends please :)

Mary Deas, you are excused, and everyone who isn't Mary better wish her a happy birthday on that day.

Thanks again, i'll let everyone know the definite time :)
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